Chaos expected as Wales braced for 1cm of snow

Wales is bracing itself for chaos and destruction as weather experts forecast around 1cm of snow tomorrow.

Traffic is expected to grind to a standstill and schools are expected to be…erm…closed.

International weather expert Derek the Weathersheep told WalesOnCraic:

“We all know the drill. We’ll forecast 1cm of snow. We’ll get half that. And when it does come, we’ll close the country down and talk about how the Canadians still manage to live and work with 70ft of snow. There is a ridge of wet weather on the way but that will be meeting the cold air so we can expect some flurries tomorrow. If you’re expecting to make snowmen, you’ll probably need to use whatever lands outside your house so just be careful that you don’t go scraping up dogshit when you do. I’m off to hibernate for a few days.”

Roads are expected to be closed which is just as well as no sod’s going anywhere right now.

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