Cash-strapped council considering twice-a-year wheelie bin collections

A Welsh council is considering collecting wheelie bins twice a year in a bid to save money.

The council, that didn’t want to be named, said that it had to save £30,000 to pay for its Christmas party.

A spokesman said:

“We’ve seen how people can adapt going from weekly bin collections to fortnightly collections and we think that people will adapt to twice-yearly collections. Think of it like having your bin emptied on your birthday and at Christmas – both big events that happen each year. People will find ways to manage so we’ve put these proposals forward so that we can afford to pay for our Christmas party. Last year’s affair was a bit of a damp squib because we couldn’t afford our usual Elvis tribute act. With the money we save from our bin collections, we can put it towards hiring Tim, our local Elvis impersonator.”

One resident wasn’t happy, telling WalesOnCraic:

“I wouldn’t notice if they came twice daily or twice yearly – they still leave my wheelie bin halfway up the road at Mrs Dobbins’ house.”

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