Cardiff Samaritans set ‘blubber booths’ for English rugby fans

The Samaritans have set up so-called ‘Blubber Booths’ across Cardiff to allow English rugby fans to come to terms with their team’s loss to Wales.

The booths include tissues, a telephone to enable fans to call their mummies, and a picture of Scott Gibbs touching down at Wembley in 1999. They will be dotted around the city until Monday.

City manager Bryn Bathwater told WalesOnCraic:

“They’ll all be bitter once the game now that they’ve lost. With the help of the Samaritans, we are giving the English fans a chance to drown their sorrows before they head back over the Severn Bridge. We’ve also instructed the Severn Bridge to reinstall the tolls, just to add insult to injury.”

English fan Tarquin Peacock-Smyth said:

“What, what? Cucumber sandwich old boy?”

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