Cardiff Man Blinded By Sight Of Wife’s Lily-White Arse

A Cardiff man has been admitted to hospital after being blinded by his wife’s lily-white arse.

Gordon Gingernuts from Pentrebane was dazzled when his wife took off her grundies to get into bed last night.

Gingernuts told WalesOnCraic:

“I was totally unprepared for it. She was getting undressed in the dark because I’d already turned the light out. Then I remembered that I hadn’t plugged my phone in to charge. I turned the light on, only to be met with a light that was 20 times brighter than the midday sun. She’d been out sunbathing all day and obviously covered up her arse because we’ve got a pervy neighbour called Kevin. I’m starting to get some vision back in my eyes now although the image of my wife’s fat arse has been burned into my retinas.”

Wife Wendy added:

“I thought I might be able to get away with it but the twat turned the light on at just the wrong moment. It’s his own stupid fault.”

Wendy has since applied fake tan to her buttocks to avoid any more blindings.

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