Cardiff Council Vehicle Found ‘Lingering Aimlessley’ – But WITHOUT Council Staff Inside

A Cardiff Council flatbed truck has been found drifting aimlessly around Cardiff – but WITHOUT its usual Council occupants.

The vehicle was spotted this morning at Blackweir on the River Taff. Emergency services were called out to check that no one had been injured.

PC Plod of South Wales Police told WalesOnCraic:

“We often see Council vehicles milling around the city doing absolutely nothing but the unique thing about this is that there are no Council staff on board the vehicle. We did think at first that the Council had opened a new water bus but whoever thought that up was obviously some kind of pleb. We are happy to report that there have been no injuries and we are just waiting for Council staff to come and drive it away. We may be here some time though as it’s Easter and they are probably off on another jolly somewhere.”

News of the flatbed in the river comes two weeks after residents were surprised to spot a Council bin lorry collecting bins in North Cardiff.

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