Cardiff coffee shop is giving away free coffee as nation returns to shitty jobs

One of Cardiff’s most famous coffee shops is giving away free coffee to help people return to work.

Grumpy F*ckers Coffee Shop on Gunt Lane said that they were giving away free coffee to alleviate the sense of impending doom for workers returning to their jobs.

Manager Clive GrimGrits told WalesOnCraic:

“We all hate our jobs. I even hate mine. We all drag our sad arses from our lovely cosy homes to these shitty places of work to make money for other people. I had a woman come in this morning who said that she’d actually had her day booked off but some arsehole from her workplace phoned in ‘sick’ so she’s had to go in when she had plans to catch up with her family. Meanwhile, her manager was sunning his lily-white arse in the Caribbean. We thought we’d give away free coffee for people like her, and for the other arseholes who have had to return to work.”

Customer Gillian WonderGunt said:

“Grumpy F*ckers have been very kind to me. They didn’t say a word as they served up my coffee – which was fine by me because I hate speaking to people first thing in the morning.”

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