Cardiff city boundaries to be extended to cover all of Wales

Cardiff is set to become the world’s largest city after Council officials announced that it was going to extend the city boundaries to cover all of Wales.

It means that Welsh media outlets can now get away with talking about all of Wales when they are actually referring just to Cardiff.

A spokesman for the Council said:

“We was down the Albert last night and we was talking about this. Wales is a fairly small country but most Welsh people now live in Cardiff. There are only about three known people living outside of Cardiff as we know it now so we thought we’d bring them into the gang so that they have a posh address too now. Extending the city boundaries will mean that Cardiff bus can now do routes to Holyhead and it also means that we can all talk about Wales as a whole when in fact, we are just referring to Cardiff. Cardiff-based media outlets, who have no idea that the rest of Wales exists, will find this particularly useful.”

One resident in Flint said:

“I’m not becoming part of Cardiff. I’ll move to Buckley if this what they are planning.”

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