Cardiff Bay to host its first Boxing Day Naked Swim

News has reached the offices of WalesOnCraic that Cardiff Bay is to host a Boxing Day swim.

Whilst many other seaside resorts around Wales hold such charity swims on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, the Cardiff Bay Swim will be the first in Wales, indeed the UK, where the 1500 swimmers will all be NAKED.

The idea was thought up at the Welsh Assembly’s Christmas Party, when several party goers ended up in the Bay, all naked, after a few too many glasses of champagne.

Douglas Legless told WalesOnCraic:

“We were all having a few drinkies. Well, too many actually. Eight of us were walking home along the water’s edge at the bay back to the hotel we had booked, when one of us was pushed in the water. The others thought it was fun and all stripped off and jumped in the water. The next day at work, we thought, here was a good way to raise money for charity and get our kit off at the same time…. a naked Boxing Day swim.”

A spokesperson for the Welsh Assembly Government said:

“The First Minister has authorised portable changing facilities to be set up on the concourse around the Senedd. I can confirm that the First Minister is NOT going to participate as he doesn’t get his bits out in public, even for charity.”

S4C have said that they will produce a 30 minute programme to be shown on New Year’s Day. Participants are asked to be smiling at all times.

If anyone is interested in taking part, they are asked to be at the Senedd for 11am on Boxing Day. It costs £20 to take part and the money goes to a charity to help infertile couples.

WalesOnCraic spoke to Gordon Flotsom-Smythe who said:

“I’m doing it. Anything to get my kit off in Cardiff Bay and not get arrested. I’m hoping my girlfriend will come and give me some support. I usually get arrested when I walk starkers down St Mary Street at midnight.”

Another spokesman added:

“Please note that this story is complete and utter bollocks. If you want to see people naked, we suggest you visit the showers in your local gym.”

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