Cardiff bar launches Clark’s Pie And a Pint Of Dark Smoothie

A Cardiff bar has launched the city’s first-ever Clark’s Pie and Pint of Dark smoothie.

The freshly-blended drink will allow heavy drinkers to eat and drink at the same time.

Manager Tony Wizzby told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve seen a great shift of what people like to eat and drink and in many cases, people just don’t have the time to eat AND drink. We’ve taken that problem away by blending a fresh Clark’s pie with a pint of ale. Drinkers can down it in one, as quickly and as easily as downing a pint of cold sick. The stuff is easily digestible which means that punters can get drunk and sober up in equal quantities. We’re selling them for just £5 and our slogan is ‘It’s a meal in a glass’ because that’s all our crappy marketing manager could come up with. It’s mostly smooth but we need to make people aware that you may find chunks of kidney or veins in there, as you do with any pie.”

The drinks will be on sale at the bar as well as in bottles around the city.

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