Does Cameron’s DNA hold the secret to non-stick technology?

An Aberdare scientist is hoping that David Cameron’s DNA holds the secret to a breakthrough in non-stick coatings.

Ivor Screwloose, 34, told WalesOnCraic of his hopes:

“The problem with traditional non-stick coatings, such as Teflon, is that over time they lose their ability to prevent crap sticking to them. David Cameron, however, seems to have the ability to avoid anything sticking to him whatever he is accused of. Bestiality, lying to Parliament or tax evasion – it all seems to wash off and leave him unscathed.

“A local farmer has managed to supply us with a sample of the Prime Minister’s DNA. I’m hopeful that we can isolate whatever it is that enables him to be so slippery and use our findings to improve frying pan technology.

“I am closely watching events over the next week or so, however, to see if there is a limit to Mr Cameron’s non-stick properties.”

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