Calls for Nigel Owens to be new PM

A growing number of disgruntled people are calling for former international rugby referee Nigel Owens to be installed as the UK’s new PM.

Supporters claim that Nigel would crack some heads together and get stuff sorted following a shitshow of a week at Westminster.

‘Nigel For PM’ chairman Bryn ‘Shady’ Glenn told WalesOnCraic:

“Out of all the people I’d want to see sorting this mess out is our Nige. The way that man would handle 30 fully-grown men with his voice and maybe the slightest of wiggles with his eyebrow, it was something to behold. This country needs someone like Nige to get this shit sorted. We’re sick of watching talentless no-bodies clamouring for power. We needs someone for the people and that person is Nigel Owens.”

Critics have pointed out that Mr Owens is now happily retired and enjoying his pipe and slippers. But Bryn Glenn is having none of it.

“I’m having none of it,” he said.

The UK is expected to have a new Prime Minister installed by next week. The Government is considering offering out No.10 Dowing Street as a B&B due to the short turnaround in visitors.

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