Calls for M4 relief road to be built THROUGH Newport

Pressure groups are calling for the controversial M4 relief road to be built right through Newport.

Campaigners say that a noisy 3 mile concrete monstrosity would be an improvement for the area.

Yvonne Underclacks of Let’s Build Right Through Newport told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve always said that Newport needs an M4 relief road to help people escape to Bristol. The problem of course, is the Brynglas Tunnels, which is always a bottle neck because people can’t fricking drive properly. We propose that a relief road is built right through Newport. We could flatten most of it and erect a 3 mile concrete monstrosity, which would no doubt enhance the area. Add in a load of air pollution and noise, and this would help make the town more attractive. It would also mean that those looking to escape Wales could do so more quickly and without having to queue at the tunnels.”

Critics say that the campaigners haven’t factored in dogging facitilies, which have proven popular in other areas of the city.

“We needs good dogging facilities,” said one man who didn’t want to be identified.


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