Calls for 20mph speed limit at Port Talbot motorway to boost tourism

Calls have been made to reduce the speed limit on the M4 outside of Port Talbot in a bid to boost tourism in the town.

The Port Talbot Tourism Association (PTTA) has written to the Welsh Assembly Government asking for the speed limit on the M4 to be reduced from the current 50mph speed limit to 20mph.

“Its clearly not working,” said PTTA Chair, Amanda Goodlay. She added: “Tens of thousands of cars pass along the M4 every day, but our findings show that the 50mph limit only brings a few cars into Port Talbot, every day, that were not planning to visit the town. Most of them were motorists desperate for cigarettes. We have spoken to local hotels and B & Bs and they only made 3 on the spot bookings in 2015 and those were for young couples that looked like they were desperate for a bit of afternoon nookie. We are proposing to ask the Welsh Assembly Government to reduce the speed limit to 20mph, so more motorists get to see that beauty that is Port Talbot and what we have to offer.”

When asked by our reporter what Port Talbot had to offer tourists, Ms Goodlay said:

“I’ll get back to you on that, but I can assure you that Betty’s Bap Shack under the flyover is very popular.”

WalesOnCraic stopped a few passing motorists on the M4 to ask them for their views. Shane Forfucksake, from Caerphilly said:

“I drive along here every day. And to be honest, I wish they’d raise the speed limit to 90mph, but it does look nice at night, when its all lit up. It’s like Christmas lights, 365 days a year. Maybe Port Talbot could be marketed as a place where you can enjoy Christmas, every day of the year. Though if the steelworks were to close, that would be scuppered, like.”

A Welsh Assembly spokesman said:

“The Welsh Government is committed to promoting tourism in Wales and the 20mph limit does seem a good idea. Promoting Port Talbot as a place where you celebrate Christmas 365 days a year also sounds a good idea as the lights do look very pretty at night. But this will be something that the new Assembly will have to consider after the May elections.”

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