Caerphilly set to unveil new statue to recapture cultural relevance

Caerphilly is set to get a new statue that will be put on display in the town centre.

The news comes as the last in a trilogy of sculptures erected with a view to accurately depict the culture of the famous borough within recent years.

A spokesman for the local council told WalesOnCraic:

“Well, the thing is see, we’ve got the big wheel of cheese outside the Job Centre, and we’ve got the Tommy Cooper statue that the bloke from Hannibal showed up for, and now we’ve got Dodgy Derek working on the newest one – a stone sculpture of a young man with his top off, holding a can of Stella with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This will be the best one yet, and as a step into the 21st century, we plan to insert a small speaker that plays established household tunes from the early 2000’s Happy Hardcore era.”

He continued to explain the logistics and planning behind the anticipated feature:

“Ideally we wanted this one in the place where the giant wheel of cheese is, but logistically this wouldn’t be viable as the only means of transporting it to a new area within the town is by horse and cart. We do plan to place an electrical fence around the perimeter, as the Tommy Cooper statue has frequently seen trouble such as carrots being placed in the rabbit’s paw, and traffic cones ending up on Sir Cooper’s swede. Impressive how they got it up there but nonetheless, inappropriate.”

The statue is set for completion with a finish date of July 2026, when Dodgy Derek is anticipated to have completed his BA in Fine Art Sculpture at the universe of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll.

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