Caerphilly Man Hospitalised After Jamming Testicles In Pudsey Bear Costume Zip

A Caerphilly man is in hospital after jamming his testicles in the zip of a Pudsey Bear costume.

Jimmy Wetcleft was dressing up as the iconic bear to raise money for Children In Need at a local leisure centre when the incident occurred.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I decided not to wear any underwear because it gets bloody hot in those suits. I’d got my legs in and my big yellow feet on and pulled the rest over my shoulders. I reached down for the zip, gave it a big yank and the next thing I know, my bollocks are well and truly jammed. I didn’t feel the pain for the first few seconds but when it hit, it was as if someone had jammed them in a vice. I was crying I was.”

Friends instantly tried to help but made matters worse when they tried yanking the zip down. An ambulance was eventually called and Jimmy was taken to hospital where his bollocks were released.

“Getting them released was such a relief. My friend shouted ‘Let’s release those midweek balls’ like they do on the Lottery but he’s a dickhead because it’s Friday and we all know that.” said Jimmy.

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