Caerphilly man dreaming of woman sat on his face wakes to find cat’s arse 2 inches from nose

A man from Caerphilly who had been dreaming of a beautiful woman sat on his face has woken to find his cat’s arse.

Steve ‘Shady’ Glenn said that he flung the cat out of his window when he realised why his face was lovely and warm.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I never have filthy dreams but last night, I’d been watching a documentary about Wincey Willis. I think that’s what set me off because the dreams I had last night were crazy. At one point, Helen Daniels and Mrs Mangel from Neighbours both paying me attention. Later on then, I was dreaming that this beautiful woman was sitting on my face. It was all lovely and warm and lovely and ooooo…it was great. But then I thought I could smell Kitekat and I think my brain must have alerted me to something untoward. I came round and opened my eyes. At first, I thought there was a giant pencil sharpener on me and then it twigged that it was my cat’s arse. I reactively threw the cat out the window and I haven’t seen him since.”

Steve said he will be locking his cat out of his house tonight in case it happens again.

“I want to enjoy my dreams and not have to worry about cat’s arseholes in my face,” he said.

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