Bungle from Rainbow to oversee Brexit process

Bungle from Rainbow is the surprise selection to take the UK through the Brexit process.

Theresa May made the announcement to a group of very important people earlier today.

She told delegates:

“Today I have the great pleasure of announcing Bungle from Rainbow as the Lead Consultant in the Brexit process. We took a look at a lot of potential candidates but no-one could match Bungle for his sheer misplaced optimism and enthusiasm. Bungle will bring a great deal of experience in mediation between two opposing sides, in his case, usually George and Zippy. Bungle has shown over many years that he can oversee projects to completion with a smile, and is able to satisfy our policy of Equal Opportunities.”

Bungle will start work on Monday. He told WalesOnCraic:

“Gee Geoffrey. Isn’t this a wonderful honour? I shall take on this role with great enthusiasm and I shall also be invited Rod, Jane and Freddy over to perform at my inauguration. I am so happy.”

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