Bungle from Rainbow appointed as new Cardiff City manager

Cardiff City have appointed Bungle from Rainbow to be their new manager following the dismissal of Neil Harris.

Bungle is expected to visit Cardiff later this weekend with a view to starting work on Monday.

A City spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“We weren’t happy with Neil’s results so we thought we’d sack him and get someone in who knew what they were doing. We saw Bungle in an episode of Rainbow where he was balancing a football on his head and we figured that he was the man for the job. We are flying Bungle down here on Saturday, when he’ll be able to meet the players and get a feel for the place. We’d like to get him started on Monday as we’ve got a few key games coming up.”

Bungle starred alongside George, Zippy and Geoffrey in the popular TV show Rainbow for many years. He retired after being arrested for punching a producer in the face.

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