BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT: George Osborne Freezes The Price Of Freddos For Two More Years

Chancellor George Osborne has frozen the price of Freddo bars for another year.

He made the announcement during today’s Budget Speech. The news has been welcomed by all the major UK political parties.

Osborne told WalesOnCraic:

“We said in the last Parliament that we would seek to freeze the price of Freddo bars, especially since their latest price rise to 25p. We understand that Freddo bars are important to the moral of the UK, and we are pleased that we are able to place a ceiling on its price. I was hoping to freeze the price of Space Raiders too, but with the whole Greek shit going down, we couldn’t guarantee that.”

The news has been welcomed across Wales, with one mother from Risca telling us:

“Thank Christ for that. If they’d gone up any more, I wouldn’t have been able to feed the kids for another week. I thought this Tory government was a load of bollocks when I voted them in but I’m happy to call myself a Tory now.”

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