Brexit outcome to be decided with a mud fight

The outcome of Brexit will be decided with a large-scale mud fight. The fight will take place in a field in the grounds of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s mansion. A spokesman for the government told WalesOnCraic: “The people have spoken and 100% of them say that they want the outcome of Brexit to be decided with a mud fight. Jacob has got plenty of land around his mansion where he usually goes shooting birds so we’ll just get a few hoses down there, get it all muddy and chuck everyone in to see what happens. It’s what they’d do in 18th century England and we’re determined to make Britain great again.” One MP voiced her concern. “We’ve been told that we have to wear skimpy bikinis. And that goes for the women too. I’m a bit concerned that the paparazzi will be there to see me in my grundies and that’s not on.” The fight will take place tomorrow after The Chase has finished.

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