BREAKING NEWS: Men start planning for Christmas

Reports are coming in that some men in Wales are starting to plan things for Christmas. One man in Aberdovey has logged on to Amazon to see what he can get for a fiver while one man in Caerphilly has reportedly sent a Christmas card to a neighbour after getting one himself.

One man, who didn’t want to be identified as Terry Nobrot, told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve had a little think about what I’d like to buy people for Christmas last night. I’ll probably leave it until tomorrow to go and buy things because it’ll be busy today. I did the hoover last night so the wife will be happy that the house is ready for the big day and I’m sure I left some sellotape in one of my drawers so I’ll be able to wrap up all the presents that my wife has bought for other people.”

Another man said:

“I’ll give things a few more days. I can’t get my head around the idea just yet – I’m still picking out the fireworks from my garden from Bonfire Night.”

Reports of one man in Swansea who has bought a bag of sprouts earlier has turned out to be a hoax.


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