BREAKING: Delay to Brexit delayed by delayed EU delay forced by UK delay

Brexit has been put on hold yet again why the delay to the delay was delayed after a delay was delayed by a delay.

The delay was put in place by the EU after UK MPs delayed the delay to ensure that a delay was put in place.

A Cabinet spokeswoman said:

“We don’t welcome this delay at all. We’re not even sure if this delay is delaying the original delay or whether it’s caused by the delay of the other delay. Either way, it means that we now have another delay that will delay the delay that was delayed last week. We want to get Brexit done because we are taking back control. This delay has personally caused me delay because I had a big bet riding on the fact that we’d be out of the shitty EU by Hallowe’en but that looks more likely now that that will be delayed. Can’t believe I’ve lost a fiver on that.”

The delay could possibly be delayed further due to a delay of the extension, which has been delayed.

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