Boris offers Cameron Minister of Pig Farms and Swinery post

New prime minister Boris Johnson has offered former PM David Cameron a post in his new cabinet.

Cameron has been offered Minister of Pig Farms and Swinery, a post that Cameron has enthusiastically accepted.

A spokesman for Downing Street said:

“Poor old Dave. He cocked everything up and has spent the last few years, crying in his French mansion. What we need to remember is that Dave gave a lot to this country – things like…erm…just things. Boris has been feeling sorry for his old Etonian bum chum so has offered him a role that he knew he’d love. Boris called Dave early this morning to offer him the post of Minister of Pig Farms and Swinery. Dave almost bit his hand off with excitement.”

The former PM hasn’t been seen in public since he left office following the referendum. The new leader of the country, Boris Johnson, has promised to deliver Brexit by 31st October, by which time, Cameron will be months into his new job.

Cameron starts his new job tomorrow. The pigs are said to be ‘nervous’.

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