Boris Johnson considering part-time sales assistant role at Trago Mills

Former Foreign Minister Boris ‘Boris’ Johnson has told the cabinet that he’s considering taking up a part-time sales position at Trago Mills.

Boris said he wants a job that he can’t fuck up too much.

A spokesman for Mr Davis said:

“As you can imagine, Boris has had a torrid few years since he was appointed as Foreign Minister. Every day has been sheer hell and he now wants a job that where he has limited responsibility and that he doesn’t have to think about around the clock. He wants to do his work, finish his shift and come home and watch box sets of Hi-De-Hi, or another comedy of similar ilk. He’s spotted a part-time sales assistant at Trago Mills and has forwarded his CV for inclusion in the next round of interviews.”

Boris resigned from his role as Foreign Minister, saying that it’d all gone to shit.

Trago Mills said that it’d look at Mr Johnson’s CV and put it on file in case any vacancies came up in the future.

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