Election 2017

Boris Johnson changed ‘fusty-lugged, sandal-wearing, cockwomble’ to ‘mutton-headed old mugwump’ at the last minute

Reports have surfaced showing that Boris Johnson was intending on calling Jeremy Corbyn a ‘shit-slinging, sandal-wearing-cockwomble’ in a recent speech, but chose to tone down the nature of his insult at the last minute.

Johnson has been criticised for criticising the Labour Leader in a recent election discussion.

A spokesman said:

“Boris is very colourful with his language as you know and had intended saying something a little more coarse than what he actually ended up saying. We were all expecting his cockwomble reference but were sorely disappointed when he came out with his mugwump saying. No bastard knew what a mugwump was but we are sure it’s an old Etonian expression. Either way, it didn’t have the same effect as the cockwomble one would have had so he missed out on an opportunity there to land a real blow.”

A spokeswoman for Jeremy Corbyn said:

“Boris can call Jeremy all the names under the sun but there’s only one man for the job of Prime Minister and that’s Jeremy. He’s lovely.”

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