Bored Welsh Bulls To Introduce Spaniard-Fighting Event To Entertain Themselves

Bulls on a Welsh farm are to take up Spaniard fighting as a new way of keeping themselves entertained.

The bulls, who have got bored of standing around and mooing, have taken a leaf out of the Spaniards’ way of life. Their owner has built a Spaniard ring on his farm, and is charging £2.50 to watch Spanish men being taunted, goaded and eventually fucked over big time.

Farmer Giles, who owns the farm, told WalesOnCraic:

“The boys have been getting a bit restless lately so we thought we’d get some Spanish lads in. We can watch them being tossed around and gored to death – it’ll be such a laugh.”

Farmer Giles hopes that his new event will lead to an influx of tourists from all over the world.

“Hopefully we’ll get some people from further away to come and watch these Spaniard getting absolutely pounded into the ground. We’re thinking of doing a Spaniard run where we set them free in the village and tease them mercilessly. After that, we’ll bring them into the ring and cheer on as they get mullered while we eat Spaniard burgers and chips.”

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