BMW drivers discover secret ‘indicating’ devices – but decide not to use them

BMW drivers have discovered a secret ‘indicating’ device attached to their steering wheels – but have decided not to use them.

The device, known as an ‘indicator’, alerts other road users that a motorist wishes to change direction. The device is fitted to all vehicles, yet some motorists are still aware of their existence.

BMW driver Johnny Smallballs told WalesOnCraic:

“My mate told me about these so-called indicator things. I’d never noticed it before but when I looked carefully, there it was. It’s attached to the orange lights on the outside of my car. I always wondered why they were there. I’m happy now I know what it’s there for. Am I going to use it though? Like fuck I am. I like people to guess where I’m thinking of going at 90mph.”

Traffic Police Officer Dennis Blur added:

“We often have drivers of high powered cars streaking up behind us and switching lane at the last second. None of them indicate to let other motorists know where they’re headed. If they come flying up to overtake you on the motorway, it’s always a good laugh for you to indicate that you’re going to pull out into their lane just as they are about to pass you. The fear on their faces is priceless.”

Drivers of other makes of car have also recently discovered their ‘indicators’ but decided not to use them, as well as white van drivers and 17 year old dickheads.

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