Bluebottles ‘lie in wait’ for humans to open windows or doors

Researchers have found that bluebottles flies wait outside windows and doors so they can dash right in as soon as they are open. Most flies are in a newly-opened window within 2.56 seconds.

The researchers also found that pretend not to know how to get back out so that they can stay indoors and annoy the shit out of you.

Researcher Gordon TwoPorches told WalesOnCraic:

“We set up some testing labs down at our place. We got a load of bluebottles and stuck them outside where they were free to annoy anyone they wanted. But what we found was that they hung around our office doors and windows very patiently. As soon as someone inside opened a door or a window, they were in like a shot. Once they were inside, they’d fly around in circles, pretending to not know what they were doing but secretly, they were waiting for one of us to leave a nice bit of cake out. As soon as we did this, those bluebottles were there with their horrible black hairy legs all over them. Eurgh. They give me the creeps.”

One bluebottle said:

“My aim in life is just to annoy people and I do my job to the best of my ability.”

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