Blaze at Primark store causes £16.50 worth of damage

A blaze at a Welsh Primark store has caused £16.50 worth of damage to stock.

The inferno damaged hundred of items of clothing and a few pairs of sunglasses.

Manager Emily Undergunt told WalesOnCraic:

“I came to work this morning feeling quite festive and I had been thinking about how I was looking forward to working over Christmas. But I was met with scenes of utter devastation when I arrived here. We’re not sure what caused the blaze but I think it could be a disgruntled member of staff. Kyle had been turning up late and I told him that if he came in late again, he’d be getting a verbal warning. He burnt down a row of Scouts’ tents once because they dared pitch up behind his house. If I found out it was him, I’m going to batter him with a frying pan. He’s ruined my Christmas.”

The store will be closed for the rest of the week while the damage is assessed.

“We’re looking at around £16.50’s worth of damage,” said Emily.

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