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Blair: Brexit could destroy the UK in 45 minutes

Former Primer Minister Tony Blair has warned the UK that Brexit could destroy the country in just 45 minutes.

Rather like a stubborn turd that refuses to flush away, Blair encouraged people to rise up against Brexit.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“The majority of this great country spoke but unfortunately, they were all wrong. They shouldn’t have been asked in the first place. In that respect, it was David Cameron’s fault for giving the plebs the opportunity of a referendum in the first place. Throw the shitfest that is the current Labour Party and lies from the Tories and you find ourselves in this mess. We don’t need reminding that Brexit can destroy our country in just 45 minutes. We have intelligence reports telling us this and we cannot let it happen.”

A spokesman for the Labour Party said:

“Blair can go do one. He can’t go blaming us for Brexit. We did nothing wrong. Apart from not really do anything but we didn’t want to influence the outcome of the referendum in any way because that would have been biased. I’m off home now anyway because I’ve decided to go on strike. My hours are long and I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”

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