Bin day schedules go to shit

Bin day schedules across Wales have gone to shit following the Christmas holiday period.

Bin-putter-outers all over the country are putting their bins out in the vain hope that a bin lorry will turn up at some point this week.

One husband told WalesOnCraic:

“My house is filled with all kinds of shit – boxes, wrapping paper, presents that no-one wants and loads of left-over turkey. If the bin men don’t turn up at some point this week, either I take it down the dump myself or my house explodes – it’s that simple. My poor wife has been locked in the living room since Tuesday because the room is so full of rubbish. My mam came over on Tuesday and I haven’t seen her since she first got here. I think she’s trapped somewhere behind the towers of recycling and the wall. It’s chaos.”

The Department of Bin Collections at the Welsh Assembly has given this advice to bin-putter-outers:

“We’ve got no idea what’s going on and what day is bin day now. We’ve been very busy enjoying ourselves over Christmas to give a toss about bins to be honest. Just stick them out and they’ll be collected at some point next month.”

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