Bear Grylls’ toughest challenge yet: surviving A Welsh girl’s hen do

TV adventurer Bear Grylls is set to undertake his biggest challenge yet – spending a night with a Welsh girl’s Hen Do.

Grylls, famous for drinking his own piss and surviving on a diet of rocks and live animals, made the announcement yesterday from the middle of a forest.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been sat in this forest for the last 3 months and it’s all gotten a bit boring. I want a REAL challenge. So I’ve been speaking to my producer and he’s given me the mother of all survival challenges – spending a night with a bunch of mental Welsh girls on one of their Hen Dos. To be honest, I’m shitting bricks but it’ll make for good telly.”

Brenda Widethighs, who will be one of the brides-to-be who will be taking Bear out said:

“We can’t wait. We’ve got our massive inflatable cocks ready and some ‘learner’ signs, not that there’s anything else you can teach me. We’ll start off at 9am in Ponty and by tea time, we’ll jump on a train and head abroad to Cardiff. If Bear survives the night, he’ll be getting a blowie of each and every one of us.”

Bear added:

“It’s a challenge I must win.”

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