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Authorities to name hurricanes after famous climate change deniers

Authorities across the world are to start naming hurricanes after famous climate change deniers.

Hurricane Trump will be the first natural event to destroy a once proud nation and leave a trail of devastation in its path.

Weatherman Bill Sunbeam told WalesOnCraic:

“Traditionally we used to only use girls’ names but we were getting a lot of hassle from the feminist types so we added started naming them after lads too. At this moment in time, we’ve got three hurricanes out in the Atlantic which is unheard of but climate change deniers will obviously tell you that this is all part of the natural order of things, which to a point is true. So we’ve decided to name all the hurricanes after today after them. The list has a few well-known names on it.”

One climate change denier said:

“We’ve had hurricanes like this every September since the world began. I know because I was there.”

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