Australian road safety campaigner team mistake Newport Wetherspoon reveller for Graham

A team of Australian road safety campaigners have mistaken a Wetherspoon regular for their creation known as Graham.

Graham is a sculpture that was commissioned by the campaigners to show what a human would have to look like in order to survive a car crash. The team had just finished lunch at a Wetherspoons in Newport when they tried to carry the reveller outside to their van.

Friend Gary GrimSkids told WalesOnCraic:

“I was sat with my mate Steve and we were chatting about stuff when this bunch of Australians came over and carried Steve off his stool and tried to carry him to their van. They nearly shat themselves when he started telling them to put him down. It was only a few minutes later when another member of the team realised that their sculpture was already in the van before their put Steve down. He was going to kick off but thought better of it because he’s only just seen out his latest ban. We all had a laugh afterwards, apart from Steve because he’s a grumpy sod.”

The team left on good terms and said that they’d come back one day but probably not to Newport.

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