Assembly considering ending hosepipe ban

The Welsh Assembly Government is considering ending its current hosepipe ban.

It’s been continually pissing it down in Wales since we had that sunny day back in the Summer.

A spokeswoman for the Senedd said:

“We’ve had a few spits and spots of rain across the country over the last few weeks and it’s starting to up the reservoir levels nicely. We’ve had a hosepipe ban in Wales since that sunny day we had back in the summer. We immediately moved to issue a blanket ban on hoses in case some arsehole used it to water his lawn. Thankfully, we’ve still got some water left in the lakes so we are looking at ending the ban. If the sun does come out, we’ll look to reinstate it.”

Some parts of Wales are looking to rename their villages Gotham City due to the copious amounts of rain they’ve been getting.

The Assembly are also looking at spending £45 billion to find out why leaves are falling off Welsh trees.

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