Arthur Daley asks Sam Warburton for his coat back


TV’s Arthur Daley has asked former Wales captain Sam Warburton to give his coat back.

Warburton accidentally picked up the wrong coat when leaving car sales showroom in November.

A spokesman for Arthur Daley said:

“At first, we couldn’t figure out where Arthur’s coat had gone but we sat down to watch one of the Autumn Internationals and saw Sam wearing it. We’ve tried contacting Sam to get his coat back but he’s always out walking his dogs. We just don’t hope that he’s been stuffing Arthur’s pockets with poo bags because that’s gross. Strangely enough, Arthur walked off with Sam’s coat and it was only when he got home that he realised his mistake. His pockets were full of Six Nations Trophies and winners medals so we’re thinking of putting them on Ebay. In the meantime, we just have to sit here and hope that Sam returns Arthur’s coat so he can get back to selling cars.

“If we see Sam wearing the coat on telly this weekend, we’ll be contacting our solicitors with a view to sending him a nasty letter. It’ll cost us £500 but the coat means the world to Arthur.”

Local detective Jonny Rozzer said:

“This story is a complete fabrication. George Cole died years ago.”