Arriva Trains move entire timetable 20 minutes ahead to make trains run on time

Arriva Trains Wales has moved its entire nationwide timetable ahead by 20 minutes to make sure that its trains run on time.

Passengers currently have to catch earlier trains than they need to, to make sure that they get to their destinations on time.

A spokeswoman for Arriva Trains Wales said:

“It’s not our fault. This is all Network Rail’s fault. We are having to move our entire timetable because they can’t be arsed to move leaves from the tracks so we can run our services on time. We all had a big meeting last night down at the yard and decided that we needed to do this to keep our customers happy. Colin brought biscuits and I brought tea bags because I knew that we were low. The new timetable will roll out next week when people traditionally go back to work after having a load of time off work. Not like us. Oh no. We need to keep our trains running don’t we? We never get a break.”

Commuter Jane Fishflaps said:

“I think it’s a great idea. I remember catching what I thought as an Arriva Train that was on time once but it was in fact 24 hours late.”

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