Architects told to stop mocking Tudor buildings

Architects across the UK have been told to stop mocking Tudor buildings.

Tudor buildings have long been the butt of architects’ jokes and the Government wants to see an end to it.

A spokesman said:

“Tudor buildings have feelings, the same as any other building. Why is it acceptable that they are publicly mocked while other styles of building aren’t? In this day and age, this is simply unacceptable. We want architects to stop this mocking at once. We are seeking to bring in a new law to stop this barbaric practice.”

Architect Jon Two-by-Two said:

“This is a pathetic attempt at humour. This joke is as old as the Tudor buildings themselves. Haven’t you got anything else you can write about? There’s an election coming up don’t you know? Why don’t you write about that instead? Oh yes, that’s right. You’re suffering from writer’s block and are now writing any old shit to get laughs. Well that just about sums you up. Away with you fools.”

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