Apple reminds iPhone users that they can film horizontally

Tech giant Apple has reminded its iPhone users that they can film video horizontally, as well as vertically.

95% of iPhone users film their videos vertically, making them look shit when they are posted to social media.

One iPhone user told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got all the Apple products. Every single one. But up until now, I had no idea that I could shoot film horizontally as well as vertically. For years, I’ve been filming stuff vertically, and when I post my videos to Facebook, admittedly, they look naff as they have two blurred out sections on each side. I am so glad Apple have brought this to my attention. I can now post more boring videos but use the whole screen instead of just the middle.”

A spokesman for Apple said:

“Our users have been able to film horizontally since our phones were invented. It’s not our fault if these people have been shooting film like total arseholes.”

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