Andy Murray gets job at JD Sports


Former tennis No.1 Andy Murray has landed himself a new job as a counter assistant at JD Sports.

The Scottish player starts his new job on Monday and will be able to offer customers expert advice on big white daps.

A spokeswoman for JD Sports said:

“We were very sorry to see Andy retiring. We loved it when he pumped his fists like Tiger Tim used to back in the day. As soon as we’d heard that he was out of the Australian tournament, we gave him a ring and offered him a position in our Scotland branch. We’ll pair him up with Kylie and we’ll get him till trained so that he can start serving customers as soon as he can. We know that Andy will be able to offer our customers the very best advice when it comes to large white trainers and sweatbands, which we sell a lot of in the first week in July.”

A spokesman for Mr Murrayd said:

“This is the first we’ve heard about it to be honest. We think someone somewhere’s telling a little porky.”

Image: johnwnguyen

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