Aldi open till 4pm tomorrow

Aldi stores across the UK will be open tomorrow as usual, closing at their usual time of 4pm.

The stores were due to close early if England got through to the World Cup Final, but they didn’t.

A spokesman for Aldi said:

“Yeah. We was hoping for an early afternoon but we’ve got to work now which is a bit of a shame. I stack shelves myself which is ok but I wish I’d worked harder in school. I did have dreams of running my own business but my wife talked me out of that so I now work night shifts. It would have been nice to have the afternoon off but there we go – you can’t have everything can you? As it is, I work nights now and I only get to see my wife in the mornings. She’s always tired in the mornings – she must not be able to sleep very well I think.”

England played Belgium on Saturday for the third place playoff instead.

“It’s like meeting an ex,” said one of the players.

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