Adults to remind ecstatic GCSE students that life is all downhill from here

Adults across Wales are reminding happy GCSE students that life is all downhill from here.

While students across the country and currently celebrating their results, many parents are pointing out that life turns to shit pretty quickly once they start work.

Adult Dai Osborne told WalesOnCraic:

“GCSE day is making me feel old. I remember getting them 16 YEARS AGO! I was happy, 11 A-C grades, I remember thinking about all the possibilities that lay ahead, any job I wanted, all the money I could make, all the travelling I could do….I’ll finish this story later I’ve just gotta Hoover my taxi then pick up a pissy old granny from Nisa.”

Another mother has also taken her son to work for the day so that he realises that life is not all about lazing in bed, playing video games and Snapchatting birds.

She said:

“I’ve dragged the muppet to work with me so he can see how I live my shitty life.”

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