7 year old child finds dead minion inside Kinder egg

A 7 year old girl from North Wales has discovered a dead minion in her Kinder egg.

Tina Grumble from Prestatyn, found one of the famous movie stars when she opened her egg this morning. The minion was missing all of his limbs, as well as his dungarees and his face.

Tina’s mother, Betty, told WalesOnCraic:

“We were out at Tesco and we were having a laugh about the fact that they’ve already got the Easter eggs out for sale. My daughter was moaning and moaning about wanting a Kinder egg so to shut the stupid girl up, I bought her one. We arrived home and she went to watch Game of Thrones with her egg. All of a sudden, I heard a scream. My initial thought was that the little dwarf man had been killed off but when I came into the room, all I could see was my daughter with an open egg and a dead minion on her lap. I told her to get a life but secretly, I know she would have been distraught.”

Kinder have not commented on the grim discovery, probably because we haven’t asked them about it. Tina is currently recovering with some Guinness and a huge bar of Galaxy.

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