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67% of the nation couldn’t give a shit about Harry and Meghan

A recent poll has suggested that 67% of the nation couldn’t give a shit about Harry and Meghan.

The couple announced that they were to marry yesterday, asking taxpayers to donate their Christmas money towards the big day.

Jeff Jackass who conducted the survey told WalesOnCraic:

“We were commissioned this study by some government department who was willing to throw a load of money at us. We asked a few people in the street about what they thought of the wedding news and we found that a higher proportion really couldn’t give a shit. A whopping 67% said that they’d rather worry about whether Pat Phelan is ever going to get caught on Coronation Street. Of the 33% who said that they could give a shit, they said that they were excited at the prospect of paying for a wedding that they can only watch on telly. They also said that they’d like to attend Prince Harry’s stag do but that they hadn’t been invited.”

Prince Harry says he’s to marry Meghan Markle, just to help her change her surname.

“I calls her Markle the Sparkle when we’re in bed,” said Harry.

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