4ft squirrel blamed for Aberdare mini crime wave

A 4ft squirrel has been blamed for a mini crime wave in Aberdare.

The furry rodent was caught red-handed by a resident who opened his curtains yesterday morning and managed to snap a picture on his phone.

Barry ThunderGunt told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been struggling with this problem now for the last few weeks. Cars have been keyed and some cars have been broken into. I woke up early yesterday morning when I heard a car alarm going off. I opened the curtains to see this 4ft squirrel stood by my car looking quite sheepish. I’d left some roasted KP nuts in my car and I think he was after those. Either that or my Elaine Paige CD that I’d left on the passenger seat. Either way, he ran off quick as a flash and up a tree. I haven’t seen him since but I know that my neighbour had his tyres slashed last night so I think the squirrel is trying to tell us not to dob him in. I’m sure he’d tell us if he could speak English but he’s a squirrel so he can’t.”

Another resident said:

“I saw him a few nights ago hanging around a row of cars. I thought nothing of it because we get a lot of 4ft squirrels around here. I think they’re after the roids that some of the lads leave hanging around in their vehicles.”

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