4 Things We Learnt About Welsh Football Last Week

1.The Wales team have gone about their daily business since returning from the Euros’.

After an in-depth look at the Instagram accounts of all the Welsh players from this year’s tournament, we can confirm they have all just been about their daily routine. With some taking a holiday, some going to the pub and others just spending time with their family.

2. Swansea are better than Cardiff.

It’s true, despite being Wales’ second city, everyone agrees that Swansea are just the better team. They won 4-0 this weekend, which is an impressive win by anyone’s standards.

3. Cardiff just aren’t very good.

Cardiff lost 1-0 to Bournemouth this weekend, which as results go isn’t that bad, but still a loss. Critics are throwing around suggestions as to what they think Cardiff need to do to qualify for the premier league again, most of which sounds like “win more games”.

4. Chris Coleman becomes bookies favourite to take charge of Hull City.

Wales’ manager Chris Coleman is now the bookies favourite to become the next manager of Hull city after Steve Bruce resigned. It was rumoured the former manager was planning to re-apply as Bruce Steve, but he thought people would quickly see through his charade.

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