3 million sick days already ‘booked’ as Wales qualify for Euro 2016

Three million sick days have already been ‘booked’ for June 2016 following the Welsh football team’s qualification for the tournament.

Employers are bracing themselves for a return to the three day week as thousands of supporters start ‘to feel ill’.

Office worker Julian Bobblehat told WalesOnCraic:

“I can feel a headache coming on already. I’ve got a feeling it’ll be one of those ones that peak in 8 or 9 months’ time. I’ve posted a few things on Facebook in preparation for pulling a sickie – you have to do that these days – I’ve planted the seed.”

His boss, Giles Smallcrack said:

“If that fat fucker thinks he’s having a day off to watch grown men kick a ball around, I’ll be waiting for him with his P45. I know how the workers play their game – they post a few things on Facebook saying how ill they feel and then they phone in the next day to say that they’ve got the shits. I’ll be on his back.”

Wales qualified last night after losing 2-0 to Bosnia Herzegovina.

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