19 year-old life coach says to ‘love the hard times’

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A 19 year-old life coach has told the Welsh public to embrace the hard times because it makes them stronger.

Pippa Smythe-Peacock said that ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – apart from Long Covid.’

Speaking from her 7-bedroom home in Cowbridge, the 19 year-old told WalesOnCraic:

“We hear all these people moaning that times are hard but these are the best times of your life. Be grateful for the hard times because they teach you so much. No food? No problem? You learn how to live with no food. No way of paying your heating bills? That’s fine – you learn how to live with being cold. No work? That’s fine. You adapt and learn to live with zero income. It’s character-building and that’s a good thing.”

Smythe-Peacock also added that people should stop wasting their energy moaning about how bad things are right now:

“It’s all very well moaning about how bad things are but that doesn’t fix things. For instance, this morning, after I’d left yoga, someone had blocked my Range Rover in and I couldn’t get out. But instead of moaning about it, I called Pa, who came to pick me up in my Porsche. He wasn’t too happy because it interrupted his golf but in the end, he was fine with it. I didn’t waste any time moaning about my situation and if people in Wales want to be happier, they should just stop whining about stuff.”

Smythe-Peacock is available for online consultations. Her hourly rate is around the same as an average monthly gas bill.

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