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101 dalmations go missing from puppy farm after Theresa May visit

101 dalmations have gone missing from a puppy farm following a visit by the Prime Minister.

Eyewitness Roger Radcliffe said two Downing Street henchmen were seen loading a lorry shortly after the visit.

Puppy farm owner Sergeant Tibbs said:

“We were all looking forward to seeing the Prime Minister, especially the dogs. Things went pretty well until the Prime Minister headed off for another appointment. We all gave her a wave but out the back, there were two men seen loading a lorry. When we got back to the sheds, we’d found that 101 dalmations had gone. It was like something out of a movie. Our old sheep dog said he’d have look but after a good sniff around, he found fack all.”

A spokeswoman for Downing Street said:

“Mrs May denies all accusations of dog-napping. She will not be making any official statement tonight as she’s too busy biting the heads off rabbits.”

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