10 Ways That Wales Can Beat France

The Welsh boys head to the Land of French People tomorrow to play a game of rugby. Trainee Sports Reporter Gary TwoSheds is here to tell you ten ways that they (Wales) can beat them (France).

1. Wales can score more point than France.
2. France can score less points than Wales.
3. France can score more points but then Wales can score even more points just before the final whistle.
4. France can score more points at the end of the game but then be disqualified from the Six Nations for some reason that we can probably make up.
5. The Welsh lads can phone the French lads and tell them that the game is off but secretly it won’t be so the Welsh lads will turn up and score lots of points because the French lads will be sat at home watching a Gérard Depardieu film.
6. The BBC can show a replay of Wales taking on France from 2001 so that a) we can see that Rob Howley try again and b) we win the game in our minds.
7. We can dream it.
8. The Welsh can take on French as something we’re good at…like…erm…I’ll get back to you on that one.
9. Wales can score more points that France (think I’ve said that one).
10. Making Welsh cakes (see point 8)

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